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/ Installs &  Rentals


Staging & Sound reinforcement

We provide a full line of concert series staging, lighting, and audio/video support. Loaded Sound can help you design a permanent system for a venue or rent what you need for the event. We offer the latest gear at the most competitive rates.. 


Installs & Renovations

Commercial / Residential (Audio / Video) 

Many of the church sound systems Loaded Sound is asked to service are a patchwork of non-efficient systems or still integrate the original audio system. We can help optimize your current configuration or help you design a new system to meet the needs of today's worship. 

Loaded Sound - Live production


Loaded Sound has a.... loaded gear list! Whether you're looking for a Bil-Jax deck (12'x8' - 32'x20' staging) or an SM58, we've got the latest technology in audio and video support. Our engineers are available to support your rental for the optimal experience.

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