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Loaded Sound LLC finds fulfillment in the fact that it has so many returning clients. The company has also proven its flexibility and versatility as it has done AV and lighting installations at churches, parks, recreational spaces, hotels, and so on.

Since the company's staff are all musicians, too, they can easily address what an artist or performer wants. They follow the same strict standards when they are doing AV and lighting setups for events set up by businesses and organizations.

Loaded Sound primarily serves customers in the Waco, Texas area. It has also been able to expand its coverage to other locations such as the city of Austin, Dallas, Stephenville, Harker Heights, Killeen, Temple, College Station and other areas.

Professional Clients Include:


  • Convention Center

  • Football Fields

  • Hotels

  • House of Worship

  • Local Government Public Events

  • School PA Systems

I.V. Williams
Taylor Williams
Founder / chief technician
Ryan Hegefeld
Production / Installation / AV 
Deuce Wanier
Advanced Media / / design
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